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Giving Back Moves Us Forward

A Deeper Connection Begins

We believe in creating a measurable social impact and changing lives through conscious travel. Find a deeper, more personal way to travel with us.

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One percent donated to local charities. Each hotel, every time. This is how we ensure countless lives find the real change we all dream of.

Hospitality destinations for mindful travelers who believe in living to better the world.

Conscious Certified HotelsSM bring intention and humanity to exploration. Joining carefully curated experiences with local partnerships, we create positive change in lives all around us.

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At Our Core, We Simply Care

Our Pillars

Defining our vision and values, these three pillars are the foundation for everything we build.

At Our Core, We Simply Care

Social Consciousness

We believe being a good neighbor is where everything starts—supporting local businesses, teaming up with nonprofits and empowering those around us.

At Our Core, We Simply Care

Health Consciousness

From wellness-focused amenities to extensive hygiene protocols, keeping health front of mind allows us to appreciate every moment to the fullest.

At Our Core, We Simply Care

Environmental Consciousness

We actively choose eco-friendly products as well as limit food, water and energy consumption because sustainable travel is responsible travel.

Design Centric, Destination Driven

Explore Boldly

Challenging the status quo by connecting to its destinations through authentic, immersive experiences, the CCH Collection rethinks the scene of each location—with many more to come soon.

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